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3D print Railway Rifle Fallout

Cosplay and 3D printing: 3 signs of a beautiful relationship in the making.

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Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a game, movie or cartoon and dedicated cosplayers put a lot of effort into building the perfect replica costume. Some of them are getting a helping hand from 3D printing technology…

Since cosplay took off in the 80s it has gained popularity amongst the fans of fantasy entertainment and gaming. People have been making items and costumes from their favourite games and TV shows and wearing them to gaming and comic conventions. Read More


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3D Pioneer is leading in the adoption of 3D printing in the gaming and entertainment industries. We are building a cloud platform to help facilitate this and require additional developers. We are looking for a Junior Backend Developer with the following skills.

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Meet the Team Mondays

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We’ve decided to introduce our team to you from a personal angle. We’re doing this one member at a time – every Monday – we call it ‘Meet the Team Mondays.’

This week, we’re excited for you to meet our main man when it comes to games development, super Shaun. As it stands, we’ve got 6 team member introductions left,
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