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3D print Railway Rifle Fallout

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a game, movie or cartoon and dedicated cosplayers put a lot of effort into building the perfect replica costume. Some of them are getting a helping hand from 3D printing technology…

Since cosplay took off in the 80s it has gained popularity amongst the fans of fantasy entertainment and gaming. People have been making items and costumes from their favourite games and TV shows and wearing them to gaming and comic conventions.

With 3D printing gaining ground and becoming more affordable many cos-players are embracing rapid prototyping to make weapons and parts of their costume with 3D printing. Even if they are not cosplayers themselves, some people would love to have a life-like replica of popular accessories from their favourite TV show or game.

We are huge fans of this blooming relationship here at 3D Pioneer, so we decided to highlight our favourite examples of how 3D printing is helping Cosplay.

1. This Skyrim sword

Since Bethesda launched Skyrim, the game has gained a cult-like following and fans have turned to 3D printing with the help of electroforming to create authentic life size faux weapons to be used in cosplay or as a decorative item.

Skyrim 3D printed weapon

2. This awesome RWBY weapon

Sheena Duquette, a popular cosplayer, is also using 3D printing technology to make her RWBY (an animated series by Rooster Teeth Productions) weapons to complement her costume. She printed them in PLA and finished the job by sticking the separate parts together with glue.

Cosplay3D printed RWBY sword

3. And lastly, this ridiculously cool railway rifle

Andrew Stark made his 3D printable faux railway rifle from the popular game series Fallout and shared the assembly instructions as well as the .STL file on Instructables.

3D print Railway Rifle Fallout

In the past, for cosplayers, it was impossible to get the level of detail and authenticity of the items that they wanted to wear and use but this has changed with 3D printing. and that is why 3D printing is becoming a standard tool used in costume creation not only on large film sets but also for dedicated fans!

Lightsaber? Captain America shield?  What would you 3D print if you had a free print of any famous weapon / toy in the world?

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