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“If you’re at Web Summit in Dublin this November, come say hello and try out our products at our 3D Pioneer stall!”

We are absolutely delighted to announce that 3D Pioneer Systems are one of the very fortunate companies to be selected for ALPHA, the early stage track at Web Summit.

We applied for this about a month ago and after being considered by the Web Summit team we were given the fantastic news: “I’m happy to say that it seems 3D Pioneer Systems Inc. are doing great things in an exciting space and you’ve been selected for ALPHA.”

The Web Summit

Web Summit attracts over 20,000 attendees to Dublin this November (4th-6th). It has been described as “the best technology conference on the planet” and “Europe’s most global tech event.”

The Web Summit simultaneously attracts the biggest Fortune 500 companies and exciting startups and tech lovers from nearly 100 different countries!

The Opportunities

We have been given the opportunity to showcase our products on our very own exhibition stall in a room with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facbeook and King – just to name a few.

As soon as we found out we were selected for ALPHA our minds haven’t stopped racing with ideas of how we are going to maximise this opportunity. With today’s launch of the Appaloza marketplace, and our other exciting upcoming product launches, the timing literally couldn’t be better!

Despite being in the space of giants, we are going to have a unique showcase of our Appaloza platform, Wyatt 3D printer, and Tangled Tut mobile game all working together seamlessly in one ecosystem. We are confident that the potential this could open will get even some of the biggest world-leading organisations interested in what we have to offer. It’s showtime!

According to The Next Web “it’s difficult to walk away without being both impressed and utterly satisfied” – our aim is to walk away being both impressive and inspirational!

Hope to see you at the Web Summit over in Dublin this November!