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3D Pioneer Systems, Inc

Redefining 3D Platforms & Mobile Gaming


A Revolutionary 3D Printing Platform & Marketplace.

3D Printers & Controllers

The Wyatt 3D Print & Whip Wireless Printer Controller


We are leading the cross-over adoption of 3D printing  in the gaming and entertainment industries.


A first-of-it’s-kind 3d printing platform and marketplace. A secure online 3D marketplace for designing, collaborating and printing with ease brought to you by 3D Pioneer Systems Inc. This is the “next big thing” in 3d printing.

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We are developing a series of printers and software that simplifies the printing process. Our first model, “The Wyatt” boasts a full colour LCD touch screen and an inbuilt camera and integrates with our new Appaloza Cloud Platform.

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We are producing and developing mobile games, aiming among other, to integrate Appaloza API and offer in-app 3D Printing, connecting the digital world of the game with real life physical rewards.

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Beat Any 3D Print

We are a forward-thinking company who believe that top-quality 3D printing should be accessible to all. How can we beat any 3D print quote? We’ll let you in on our secret. We are powered by 3D Pioneer Systems Inc, who have invested heavily into researching the 3D printing industry. Our wide-range of the latest 3D printing technology means we can offer you a great choice of colours.

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Pioneer Pomade

One of the biggest and most frustrating problems with 3D printing is the print not sticking to the bed. 3D Pioneer have developed a solution for this problem… Pioneer Pomade.

Apply Pioneer Pomade to your print bed before printing and have peace of mind that your print will stick, every single time. Better still, it won’t move until you want it to. Pioneer Pomade is available in both PLA and ABS solutions.

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